Not today

Not today

I have no patience for you today There’s cat puke to scrape off the desk Black dog hair to vacuum up again, and again, and again Dirty clothes multiplying at horny rabbit rates A fridge full of leftovers no one will ever eat Yet can’t bring themselves to throw out, And still, nothing to fix [...]

Sunset moon

There's an art to sunset watching. It's more than just waiting for the sun to sink below the horizon. It's staying to watch what happens after that, and it's knowing to sometimes turn around. The view east, can be as beautiful as the one to your west. The night walked down the sky with the [...]

Curtain call

In the winter, it seems that sunsets are more vivid, more surreal. What many people don't realize though, is that once the sun drops below the horizon, when you think the floor show is over, if they only stay a little longer, the curtain call happens. Like many things in life, it's not only the [...]