traffic tunnel

The recliner was pushed so far back that its occupant’s head was lower than his feet. He gripped the armrests to keep from sliding off onto the floor. “Are you sure you’re comfortable?” Dr. Holman sat in an adjacent chair, debating with himself whether to toss some of the couch cushions beneath Cyril’s head, lest […]

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100 Word Challenge: Dream

Back in the day, when I was fresh out of college, I was plagued by Non-attendance Final Exam Nightmares. You know the ones…. you walk into a class you’ve never been too all semester, are expected to take a “counts at 50% of your grade” test, and you realize that you don’t know anything about […]

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Calling it a day

three green apples

The room was dark, the blinds drawn against the dawning light. Trying to move, Pauley’s arms and legs were lead. In her dream, her screams were shrill, terrified. Her husband snored softly beside her, oblivious to her cries for help. Trying once more to cry out, she struggled against her immobilization. Her dog, reacting to […]

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Murky in-between

rocky, foggy beach

I struggle within that murky in-between A distant boundary imperceptible Nightmarish creatures lurking unseen Damned to wander a dismal shore eternal Unsteady steps on shifting, rocky sand Wreckage of mournful regrets immortal Abandoned upon that tormented strand No guiding light cutting through the seaward gloom No charted path to traverse the hinterland Is this nocturnal […]

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Where the wild things are

junkyard car Nash Rambler

“This is an exceptionally noisome trash pit,” holding a clean bandana over her nose and mouth, Hannah tiptoed through the junkyard, careful to not touch any of the rusting hunks. “I’m fairly certain this is illegal. You know, another arrest and it’ll be jail time for you.” Laughing at her discomfort, I rummaged through the […]

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Keeping my arms and legs pulled in tight, I dare not let them fall over the edge of my bed. I hear the scratching, feel the hot breath of what is lurking beneath. Pale faces at my window, alien and distorted, paralyze me with fear. I shake my head, trying to dispel white noise voices […]

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I woke from the dream disoriented and afraid. Like no other dream I could remember, it was so real and still so surreal. I reached for the pen and notepad I keep at my bedside with the intention of writing down the details before all recollection of the night vision was lost. Only the pad […]

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