While she nodded off playing a pocket game on her smartphone, inky shadows seeped into the corners darkening the room A heavy crocheted blanket kicked to the floor exposed her restless legs, leaving her vulnerable. Those unprotected legs now pinned to the bed by a sleeping cat snuggly nestled in the bowl made between her [...]

Remains of the day

And so it was, as the sun charioted across the sky, sinking below the horizon in a maelstrom of color, and the pale shore birds, in contrast, waded in the quiet surf, nibbling sweet mussels burrowing into the wet sand, that she revisited her life. The events that made up her time on earth, bringing [...]


Beneath the vast, ever expanding sky, Sol and his celestial cast of players perform in a cosmic display. Pirouetting across a blue velvet backdrop, they paint swirls of gold and indigo, marmalade and champagne on the canvas. Beyond the curve of the earth, beyond the reach of the moon, beyond the spell of the siren, [...]

Celestial duet

Stars aligned, the moon waxed full Silver light rained down on me And I heard her song wherever I went, Filling my ears, filling the night A lilting tune, soft as a breeze Subtle as a waif's shadow My heart grew full, at peace Her siren song stealing my sadness Raising my voice to join [...]