And the band played on

A low murmur spread out over the crowd filing into the concert hall. An occasional loud voice turned heads and set tongues clucking. As the house lights dimmed, everyone found their seat and dutifully silenced cellphones, except for a few ill-mannered patrons who insisted on taking selfies for Facebook pages. The curtains parted and the […]

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Street music

Street music performers

Ma made us get up a the crack of dawn to load the pickup with all our instruments. There was a street fair going on downtown and it would be a good chance for us to bring in a little money. Cash was tight, what with pa abed with a bad back, and the crops […]

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Musical Echoes

This weekend I attended a Native American music festival, taking in the beauty and majesty of the culture…. as well as enjoying great food. Throughout the day exceptionally talented flutists performed, some bringing a dozen or more different instruments on stage during their session. The songs were moving and achingly beautiful. Each performer would also […]

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