For want of applesauce

“Absent applesauce, you could use mashed bananas or even pureed prunes.” That was the epitome of my life… pureed prunes. It’s not that I wanted the best of anything, I just wanted the normal, everyday things. This time, it was applesauce, yesterday it was a broken heel on a pair of Target sale shoes, tomorrow […]

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100 Word Challenge: Recluse

rusted Willys jeeps

For the past several weeks, I’ve been without a car. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been driving my daughter’s car which has a broken A/C – said broken A/C is the reason I’m driving my daughter’s car. Her dad and I are helping her get it fixed. Not paying for it mind you, but […]

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Ghosts of my childhood

abandoned store front window

I see a hint of her from the corner of my eye as I walk down a busy street. There she is watching me through store windows that distort my already misshapen body like funhouse mirrors. When I try to catch her spying on me, she vanishes. Sitting in the neighborhood cafe, sipping coffee with […]

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Color me rad: Rawking 50

This weekend I had a birthday party with more than 5,000 of my best buds. To celebrate my 5oth (that’s Five Zero), my daughter and I traveled to my childhood home of Knoxville, TN to participate in a Color Me Rad 5K run. Or, as the emcee said, it was more of a walk. Very […]

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It’s amazing how many of the world’s problems you can solve on a 60-minute walk during the cool, mid-morning hours. My College-Grad has been home less than a week now, but she’s joining me in my morning walks. Before I would tap into my iPod playlist and ponder what I had on my to-do list […]

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