100 Word Challenge: Song

On his days off from work, sometimes my son will join me when I run errands. I think he likes me to chauffeur him around town and he usually gets a free lunch out of it. My reward for his company is that I get to enjoy listening to his choice in music. When he […]

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Taming the brat

Goodwood Duxford tales… His full arsenal of charms and amulets hung from his tool belt, ready to amplify any incantation. He filled each pocket of his carpenter’s apron to bulging with herbs and specialty salts for binding, and a second band of crystals circled his wrist. Any layman would surmise that Goodwood Duxford, ghost wrangler […]

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Prodigal son

junk store sink

Goodwood Duxford tales… The front window at The Grumpy Magpie featured a slightly used casket, opened and propped against the headboard of a sleigh bed. The remainder of the display was filled with poorly crafted decoupage nightstands and jewelry boxes made by the store owner’s niece. Enjoying a rare day off, Goodwood Duxford, Pepperidge Township’s […]

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Yellow means “Hurry Up”

Broken caution light

Merging into the turn lane, she waits for the green arrow. As the long line of cars begins inching forward, she starts her incantation. “We’re turning left… you go, I go, you go, I go.” She taps impatiently on the steering wheel while her son, riding shotgun, looks straight ahead. The final car lacks courage, […]

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