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100 Word Challenge: Money

Aside from being the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of my family, I am also the Chief Accountant. That means twice a month, it is I who drags out the checkbook, opens my laptop, and clears whatever household accounts payable are due. SO. MANY. ZEROS! I’ve said this before, but aside from my disdain for ...


Piggy bank half full

Yesterday morning, while the rest of my house quietly slept, I sat up in bed watching CBS Sunday Morning and tended to bills and our bank account - a chore that I loath. When I know I have to access our account - checking balances, outgoing payments, incoming deposits, who’s spending how much on what ...


Spending other people’s money

On a rare occasion when both of my kids were home at the same time, we recently discussed Father's Day gifts. What The Mister might like, what would be something he's use and enjoy, rather than knick-knacks that would just take up shelf space and gather dust. Deciding on a couple of items, when I ...