Return to sender

Stacks of vandalized newspapers were haphazardly strewn around the room in stark contrast to the neatly clipped articles laid out chronologically across the dining room table. Each item reported on a rash of neighborhood thefts. Dubbed the Porch Pirate by the press, Martin Becks was stealing postal packages left on door steps. Random addresses, random […]

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Kill ’em with kindness

small voodoo doll

For one brief, hopeful moment, Earle believed that he might make it out of his predicament alive, but then she stopped smiling. As far as murderers go, Trixie was exceptionally polite, remembering to say, “please,” and “thank you,” while she was tying him to a kitchen chair, and when she asked him where he kept […]

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lamb lying in the grass

Elder statesman Rep. Eugene Warrick, attending a recent function at Sheffield Manor, a local nursing home facility, was mistaken for a resident, and was detained there for two days before administrators positively identify him, and allowed him to leave. The 83-year-old Warrick, a half-century veteran legislator serving the 67th District, was the scheduled special guest […]

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