The immortal battle

“Darkness will always try to extinguish the light. The light will always try to repress the darkness.” Morgan Rhodes, “Rebel Spring”

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yellow leaf bokeh background

The farther into this life that I journey, the less in focus my past becomes. I forget the hard edges and garish moments. They fade into a subtle mosaic, a muted backdrop for the splendor of my present, with the hope of my future lighting my way ahead.  

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Wallflower windows

sunlight reflected on grey building

Sunlight scandalized the introverted downtown building, shimmying along rows of wallflower windows, inviting them to dance.  

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Glint of light

sunset reflection through window screen

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ~ Anton Chekhov I had to come to the brink of shattering completely before I found my strength. Gossamer-thin fissures crisscross my whole being. You can’t see them unless I’m standing in the Light, then I am ablaze in […]

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Into the light

Finally, after meager years lost in the wilderness, Willys and his family escape the pinewood jungle. Squinting against dazzling sunlight, they face an unfamiliar and frightening world. Turning ‘round, they return to Shangri-La. NaBloPoMo 30/30

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Speed of light

defused sunlight

Speed of Light rockets Headlong into the forest Speed of Sound defuses *Photo venue: Short Springs Natural Area, Tullahoma, TN

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