Purple with envy

eden gardens manor house

The expansive lawn spread out under massive oaks shrouded in lacy shawls of Spanish moss. A light breeze ruffled the delicate fringe giving the illusion the trees were dancing. Not as stately as Scarlett’s Tara, the manor and its land were palatial to Lynn, her dream come true. Her only regret was that to possess this grand […]

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swingset chains

The boy’s childish rejection stung. Coral felt a flush of anger rising in her chest. Nash got his nasty manners from his mother. “Careful, Nash sweetie, don’t run,” she called through clenched teeth, then whispered, “you might get hit by a car.” Standing off from the swings, Coral fidgeted with her hair, twisting a strand painfully […]

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When our daughter was five, her father – who is an old soccer player from waaaay back – signed her up to play on a local rec team. Being like so many other activities for kids, the league was short on coaches. And that… began a dynasty that continues today. From kindergarten through today, she […]

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Mainsails billowing Clouds scudding across blue skies Jealous reeds earthbound Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL.

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