A relief map

Her closeness raised goosebumps on his skin, a relief map of emotions to explore with her fingertips. Like love letters in Braille, tactile proof of his feelings for her. His palpable, and insuppressible, response to her had its own effect. Not accustomed to such a visceral reaction from men, she felt her own skin grow [...]


The hag sat in her worn rocking chair, a Meerschaum clinched in her teeth. Sparse twigs of her thinning grey hair falling loose from her tattered head scarf. Her skin the color and texture of the dried apples she sometimes sold at market. Hunched over, leaning on her rowan cane, the hag would carry her [...]

Lucky crane

She was a waitress at one of the city’s most popular eateries. A few times a week he would dine there, asking to sit in her section. They’d pretend they weren’t a couple. He’d flirt, she’d flirt back. She would see that he got extra big helpings of food, he would leave her outlandish tips. [...]

White lightning

Sparks crackle from her lips Arcing across the distance between Igniting a fire in his heart Burning out of control Arcing across the distance between Devouring all in its path A smoldering inferno Igniting a fire in his heart Fingertip flames, searching, reaching, caressing Engulfing him, using him, consuming him, Burning out of control Unquenchable, [...]