100 Word Challenge: Beauty

This week I got a new haircut. I’m trying to be my true self and embrace the grey. (That’s not grey hair, that’s glitter!) For a while, I went fiery. I had always wanted to be a redhead. I liked it, but one thing about dark hair, dark red hair, is that grey roots are […]

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100 Word Challenge: Transform

mother and child portrait

This morning my niece posted an old photo of my daughter and me on Facebook. I say old because my daughter can’t more a year old, so that makes the photo about 27 years old. In it, we are outside our home in Middle Tennessee, you can see the Appalachian Mountains in the background. I’m […]

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He’s got CRAZY hair!

I mentioned here that my son had finally agreed to get a hair cut. I know some parents will question that statement: ‘agreed to a hair cut.’ I learned a while back to pick my battles with my kids. Hair was a battle I didn’t need to win. Both were told to keep it clean, […]

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