Roll reversal

cinnamon roll

The Guardians… A golden envelope was tucked into his jacket breast pocket. He memorized the missive and now sat among the lunch crowd on a busy, and familiar street. Minkin Bercu knew the area well, having worked this territory as a senior guardian before his recent promotion. The last time Bercu was on Market Street, […]

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Special assignment

last fall leaf

Standing in the hallway outside of his new office, Minkin Bercu supervised the gilding of his name and a new title on the door. Turning his attention to the kneeling maintenance man to his right putting away his paints, Bercu stifled an appalled snort. He took out a notebook and pen, and wrote himself a quick […]

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Must be present to win

upward view of skyscrapers header

Standing on the busy sidewalk, Suzy made slow turns, looking up at the tall buildings. The theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show on continuous loop in her head, she regretting not having a felt beret to toss in the air. Suzy wasn’t a young woman, not just starting out in the business world. […]

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A job well-done

child grave site with toys

“A very dramatic rescue this morning, Bercu.” Minkin Bercu, a Level 5 Guardian Angel, licked creamy icing off his fingers as he popped the final bite of a grande Cinnabon roll into his mouth. He nodded at his co-workers, smiling around the gooey brioche. “Too bad you couldn’t save everyone.” A group of lower angels […]

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Moving on up

subway escalator

“He (Jacob) had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.” ~ Genesis 28:12 NIV She stood at the bottom of the people mover looking up at the lights. Her guide fidgeted beside her, […]

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Morning rush

cinnamon roll and coffee

The air had a sweet, crispness to it. Fall was fast approaching and I welcomed the break from the oppressive summer heat. Morning commuters hurrying past the coffee shop where I stopped for breakfast were just part of the scenery. I barely noticed the foot and car traffic. Enjoying a quiet moment with my newspaper […]

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