100 Word Challenge: Six-word story

It’s been a weird spring. No, “weird” doesn’t remotely touch on the definition, even “surreal” doesn’t rise to what has been happening. It’s like we’re living in an intense, dystopian, science fiction movie and we’re all actors or extras. All those books and movies about worldwide health disasters don’t sound so outlandish now, do they? […]

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Daily chores

broken seashell

I go through the motions without thought. It is all so routine, so mundane. Monday is the kitchen, Tuesday is bathrooms, Wednesday is laundry. There are no highs or lows, days pass without excitement, without emotion. They tell me it will get better, that my grieving is a gift. I am to use it wisely, […]

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This end up

The others were making her do this. Said it was time, well past time. As if there was a time limit on grief. That after a set number of days, or weeks, months or even years, you could turn off the sadness like a light switch. A simple click and all sorrow and pain is […]

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