Graffiti artist

“Bursts of gold on lavender melting into saffron. It’s the time of day when the sky looks like it has been spray-painted by a graffiti artist.” Mia Kirshner

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Pedestrian train

train car graffiti

Stan enjoyed calling his transient life of riding the rails pedestrian. That a seemingly dirt-poor, nomad had a GRE vocabulary, and a finely honed sense of irony, was irreconcilable for many people he met. He often tagged trains he frequented with a modern version of hobo hieroglyphics from the turn of the 20th century. Stan’s […]

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red-veined pitcher plant

Teev shook the can of red spray paint. Through practice and skill, he could make the telltale click of metal ball bearings rattling around in the can sound like crickets and cicadas. Thick, overgrown reeds, pine needles, and small twigs and sticks gave good cover as the tagger slipped through the field. Red veins, painted […]

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Corporate drama

graffiti screamer

Smelling of lemon furniture polish and stale coffee, he wafts down the halls mumbling. Not like a doddering old man babbling nonsense, but a sinister sibilance, a subliminal threat that makes my skin crawl.. Roaming among our cubicles, spying on each of us during the day, he never makes direct conversation. He only tsks, and […]

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Express yourself

Ahmazing graffiti

Create Words laid out in measured stanzas Swinging and pirouetting lyrics Tall tales of anthropomorphic heroes, mythological villains Love stories bending time and space Create Dancing fingers bringing forth ethereal music Voices raised in joy, sorrow, anger, peace Strings, drums, metal, wood Songs fire the spirit Create Captured moments in the blink of an eye A sunset […]

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I need to love you more

safe sex graffiti

Her exaggerated eye-rolling and audible sigh left no doubt that she was done. His pained expression wasn’t enough to guilt her into regret. “I just told you I loved you,” he said. “No, you didn’t. You simply regurgitated one of your lame, hackneyed pickup lines. Even after a year, I still don’t know how you […]

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