Lucky swallows

birds playing in a cemetery urn

Folklore holds that a swallow nesting on your roof is lucky. If it flies into your house, it’s even more fortunate. I hope that’s true. I watch the chittering birds bringing twigs and dreck into the garden, piecing together their roosts. Hurricane season is near, and they must be settled before the storms come. Concrete […]

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Worry stone

black and white river rocks

She left her shoes at the edge of the rushing water. It was easier to feel her way across the wet stones when she was bare-footed. The swirling cold of the rapids tickled her skin where she lifted her skirt above her knees. Slowly making her way to the far bank, Raeanne caught the glint […]

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Fire starter

A cloud of blue-grey ash hung around her, a dark aura of melancholy she carried with her everywhere. It was difficult to tell her age, her face hidden under layers of soot and grit. Still, you were gripped by how clear her eyes were, as deep and cloudless as azure summer skies. The villagers would […]

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The hag sat in her worn rocking chair, a Meerschaum clinched in her teeth. Sparse twigs of her thinning grey hair falling loose from her tattered head scarf. Her skin the color and texture of the dried apples she sometimes sold at market. Hunched over, leaning on her rowan cane, the hag would carry her […]

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Hair raising

Just as night’s bright moon cast a shadow across my fair hair, a howl rang out. Quickly pulling a scarf from a pouch, I hid my locks away from Luna’s glow, guarding against vigilant locals who abhor any unfamiliar traits. Hair was only black, or brown, a rich auburn, but not lacking all tint. That […]

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A son of Lir

A veil of illusion binds him. His snowy hair and onyx eyes belie his age. Fair of face and manner, only the beauty of his voice compares. He walks as if on wing, his feet barely touching the earth. Fairytales and legends he whispers in my ear. Myths of Druid spells, witches and enchanted swans, […]

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