Soft focus

Lacework Iridescent, delicate Sunlit natural wonder All else falls away Gossamer

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Breaking through, breaking down

vine growing out of stone wall

She focused so hard on breaking through the walls, that she neglected to thrive once she made it into the light.  

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It’s all a blur

clear pool of rainwater in upturned leaf

My days seem so out of focus As I stumble along, lost and confused Landmarks and mile markers Point in the wrong direction Fog rolls in, blurring my vision Pitfalls and hidden obstacles Make my path treacherous Then I see it… A point of light A single spot of clear focus A moment of clarity. Enough […]

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Adrift in on the wide-open sea, I am trapped inside my own prison. Unable to enjoy the world outside, I hide in a cage built of self-doubt. Abandoned on a lonely beach, The vultures pick my bones.

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