Unasked questions

rake field sign

More of Tilde and Mark’s story… Kimmie dragged her son, Zane, off the porch, giving Tilde and Mark a chance to get reacquainted without a teenaged chaperone. Not knowing what to do when they realized they already knew each other, Tilde and Mark awkwardly attempted a handshake then went in for a clumsy hug. “You […]

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The one that got away

baseball dugout

Zane and Tilde negotiated their way through a mass of people crowding the front lawn. An expanse that could easily be mistaken for a soccer pitch, or the outfield of a major league ballpark, was the site of a winner-take-all flag football game between parents and the Henry Ford High School Regional Baseball Champions. Kimmie, Zane’s […]

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swimming goggles on beach

No one has ever accused me of wearing rose-colored glasses. If anything, I am a die-hard pragmatist. An old-school cynic who expects the worst and is suspicious of the best. It was more likely I wear moonglasses so I’m able to see into the depths of the wasted landscape of a person’s rocky surface. That’s why when […]

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Wash, rinse, repeat

industrial waterfall

When I was a teenager, my mother sewed my prom dress from a pattern I picked out, using mauve floral material I approved – think Holly Hobbie meets Laura Ingalls Wilder. At the time I loved the dress, but it was truly hideous. It seemed appropriate at the time, since my date looked like Grizzly Adams. […]

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To whom it may concern

Dear… I’ve thought about writing to you often since we parted, probably since we left it so… undone. Your last phone call caught me off guard. I didn’t expect to hear from you again, and I couldn’t bear to see you again. When you left, when you packed up and moved out of state, I […]

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