Esther’s cat

Anyone looking into Esther’s house, through yellowed sheers covering grimy glass panes, would see a parlor filled with dusty furniture. A bowl of spoiled milk sits by the cold hearth, a treat for a nonexistent cat. An ornate Cabriole sofa upholstered in faded red velvet sits in front of the oriel window. Once a vivid […]

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An orderly life

Miss Clementine Fernsby was dressed inappropriately for the sweltering weather in her bespoken Weddington blouse of starched cotton, and ankle-length woolen walking skirt. Her silvery hair sat on top of her head in an orderly, coifed Edwardian bun. She and her secretary, Mabel, a plain and dowdy matron, were taking a stroll around the city’s […]

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Acorns and honeysuckle

ruby honeysuckle blooms

They bicker like a couple of old magpies, harping at each other over their back fence. Myrtle fusses over her Corgi, Angus, eating the acorns that drop from Hester’s white oak tree, and Hester complains about the syrupy blooms from Myrtle’s ruby honeysuckle vines staining her white patio chairs a neon pink. On cold days, they […]

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Book ‘im, Danno

black rotary telephone

Mildred frowned. She would never get back those last four hours. The wasted time was only redeemed by also being spent with her granddaughter, Stella. The same granddaughter who insisted she could teach her grandmother how to use a smartphone. Emojis, texts, apps, camera and voice messaging… it was all so foreign. Whatever happened to […]

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Will play for tips

cup filled with change

I knew what day it was by what instrument Carl was playing. A fixture at the corner of Summit and Division Streets every day except Sunday, Carl said he gives the Lord the Sabbath. He was as much a fixture at St. Bellamy’s Mission, having been a member there for all of his 76 years. […]

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lamb lying in the grass

Elder statesman Rep. Eugene Warrick, attending a recent function at Sheffield Manor, a local nursing home facility, was mistaken for a resident, and was detained there for two days before administrators positively identify him, and allowed him to leave. The 83-year-old Warrick, a half-century veteran legislator serving the 67th District, was the scheduled special guest […]

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