100 Word Challenge: Dirt

I had to get down and dirty yesterday… it was time to refurbish my raised planters. The planters had been sorely neglected whilst my bum knee was making my life in general difficult and my gardening, specifically, impossible. The vines and pine needles had taken over and I feared the planters were a lost cause. […]

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Dust you are

tire track in dirt

For dust you are and to dust you shall return…” ~ Genesis 3:19 Our world is merely the compacted silt of Her parasitic inhabitants. The mealy remains of our overabundance and bounty, an amalgam of all our material extravagances melded with our natural remains. Our essence distilled into a convoluted slurry of all that we […]

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Daughter earth

Carol laid out the dress on her daughter’s bed. A creamy, white satin monstrosity with a crinoline petticoat and delicate, pink smocking on the bodice. More appropriate for a toddler, and not a 9-year-old, she knew Cami, her whirlwind of a tomboy, would balk merely at the words, “petticoat,” and “crinoline.” Since Cami had showered […]

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