100 Word Challenge: Eat

The U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving next week. NEXT. WEEK. I am not ready, not even close. There will only be my immediate family, so four of us, for dinner. It shouldn’t be too difficult to plan, purchase and prepare. Still, I thought I had at least another week. I need to bake homemade biscuits and a […]

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Jelly Ol’ Elf

broken plastic Santa

“I thought I broke him.” The lament was uttered in hushed tones over a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a dollop of marshmallow whip floating on the surface. A smudge of the sticky confection dotted the speaker’s nose. Her lavender eyes were brimming with tears. Her companion couldn’t help but giggle a little into her […]

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Furniture refurbishing

pizza in delivery box

Back in the day… before the daily six-pack of Barq’s, before the double-bacon cheeseburger with a side of super fries, if a morsel escaped my hungry lips, it had a soft, safe place to settle. Upon my food shelf, these tasty orts found a haven, a second chance to be savored. Now, after seemingly endless […]

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Savory Roasted Chickpeas

seasoned roasted chickpeas

Offered the choice between cake, and chips and salsa, nine times out of ten… I’ll take the chips. I like salty snacks, salty and savory. Since Thanksgiving, I have strayed from my path of eating healthy. (“Strayed” is a generous word. It’s more like I’ve been sucked into a black hole of pure junk food.) […]

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Life is over as we know it

After a long day at work, the last thing he wanted to do was carry out half a dozen bags of trash. “What’s all this,” he demanded, toeing one of the open, white plastic bundles. The teen-aged boy sitting at the kitchen table, languidly looked up from his homework. Tugging his headphones off, he looked […]

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