Conservatory conspiracy

The brilliant wash of sunlight was deceptive. Hidden amidst the plush greenery and warm morning glow was the entrance to a subterranean bunker. The padlocked gate, and the rusted and vine-covered, chain-linked fence surrounding the lot, were proof the property was long abandoned. From the front of the lot, where the fence ran parallel to […]

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Cover story

toy wagon of wooden blocks

I was silently swearing as I finished up my household chores. I was running late. Today was the day when I make contact with my handler, and if I missed the exchange, lives could be lost. I was going to the thrift store. A location that didn’t draw attention, but with an abundance of places […]

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Breakin’ the Law

chocolate cupcake

I had a moment in Target earlier this week. I feared having a total meltdown in the fitting room while trying on jeans. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve driven home in tears after clothes shopping. For women of a certain size, it can be an exercise in futility, and humiliation. Damn you, […]

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Best laid plans

broken shell on beach

“He’s an ugly crier.” Pru refused to look at the village bellman as he rang out the day’s announcements. “Oyezzz, Oyezzzz, Oyezzzzz!” He shouted, drawing out the words to coax the townspeople into the square. Dressed in his familiar tricorne hat, white britches and red coat, from behind he cut quite a figure. It was […]

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