Lost love

More from the Dinner Party… The morning started out cold. A thin sheen of sparkling rime coated the corners of the oriel window panes. The soft mauve sky was brightening to a clear azure. Frozen dew on the lawn, looking like a fine dusting of caster sugar, was already beginning to melt. Arcs of ice […]

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What goes up

Red ferris wheel

More from the Dinner Party “I’m scared.” “What is there to be scared of?” Ray put his arm around Jillian, drawing her close. “Just look at this view.” “It’s not that,” she said. “The ride will start again soon, they always stop it like this,” he said. “It’s okay.” “No, Ray,” she said. “It’s not […]

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Holes in your story

black and white leaves

More from the Dinner Party… Small stainless steel bowls lined the kitchen counter. Filled with meticulously cut up vegetables, each morsel was uniformly diced into bite-sized pieces. Mr. Stiles was fastidious about his meals. His aversion to outré textures exacerbated his pseudodysphagia. Jasper, his concierge and executive chef, knew his way around both a kitchen […]

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Frequent flyer

view from a plane

More from the Dinner Party… The hart lingered at the far edge of an expanse of manicured lawn, its head down, front legs spread, shaking its head from side to side in a threat to the two men in the garden to keep their distance. Mr. Stiles walked along the cobblestone path, hands clasped behind […]

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Party of five

old photographs

More from the Dinner Party Mr. Stiles was in the rose garden when his concierge Jasper brought the next guest to petition her wish. Standing when they approached, Stiles held a chair for Lily Cash. “I didn’t see George at breakfast this morning.” Lily was demure and painfully shy. “Mr. Vernon had his wish granted, […]

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If wishes were caterpillars


More from the Dinner Party An excited murmur swept through the room. George Vernon remained unmoving at the head of the room, trying to stare down their host, Augustine Stiles. House staff moved among the crowd passing out heavy parchment notecards and Meisterstück pens. Stiles’ concierge, Jasper, stood slightly behind his employer’s chair, an empty […]

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