Color by numbers

Even before my recent knee surgery, a special piece of equipment was delivered to my house. I was to use it in the first couple of weeks recovery to help regain range of motion in my new joint. It is called a Continuous Passive Motion machine. It basically is a motorized cradle that you lay […]

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Purple hair and tangerine sunsets

purple and orange sunset

The two siblings sat at the low kids’ table. Scrap paper was scattered across the surface, along with little piles of crayons spilt from several tattered boxes. None of the colors were whole. Paper was torn off to expose broken tips. Older than his sister by two years, the six-year-old boy was meticulously drawing a […]

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Guilty pleasure

Beeswax and pigment Rainbows and joy in a box They smell of childhood Last year, before the beginning of the school calendar, my husband’s office collected supplies for local schools. We filled a shopping bag with notebook paper, pencils and pens, folders and binders. The Mister also found my nearly new 64-count box of Crayola™ crayons […]

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