Spring break: the bitch is back!

I got called a Bitch this weekend... and I could not be more satisfied. The area where I live is a big tourist destination. Being that Spring Break has begun, tourist have been flocking to the beaches like seagulls looking for cold french fries. I know that our area depends on tourist dollars. That was [...]

Study buddy

“You still at it,” she asked, finding him surrounded by crumpled index cards and dozens of broken No. 2 pencils. “I’ve got to ace my GRE if I hope to get into Harvard!” “If you don’t have it by now, you never will.” “I know, but I can’t shut off my brain!” She closed the [...]

Daddy’s girl

If there was ever a Daddy's Girl, it would be my daughter. Going into it, I knew that my husband would be a good father. He turned out to be a great father, even if his baby girl has him wrapped around her little finger. From day one he was a hands-on dad. He wanted to [...]

Better now

She moved home, even if only for a few months, along with everything she owned, minus the old TV and cabinet she sold on her second trip to empty out her old apartment. The $40 she got from the new tenant paid for her gas on the drive home. She accumulated a lot of junk [...]