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100 Word Challenge: Adventure

I have never traveled outside of the contiguous United States, instead I live vicariously through friends and family who have the wanderlust. While in grad school, my daughter spent some time in Morocco for a Study Abroad program. Then as a present to herself when she graduated, she and her college roommate took a Mediterranean cruise.… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Adventure

rusted metal latch on a wooden door
100 Word Challenge, Flash Fiction

Root cellar

The root cellar’s ambient temperature is a crisp 32-degrees. Five-tiered shelves line three walls, and are full of varying sizes of Mason jars. Carefully arranged in a way only Journey understands, each vessel holds a different memory. A gatherer, Journey gleaned her collection from a lifetime of searching dusty thrift shops and back road estate… Continue reading Root cellar

Photo Hike, Photography, Sundays in My City

Willys graveyard

We're visiting the in-laws this weekend and that gave me a chance to photograph my FIL's collection of old Willys trucks. They are great old cars, lots of character and personality. I went out early in the morning, which gave me some wonderful shadows and light. I had originally planned to post-edit all the images… Continue reading Willys graveyard

Flash Fiction, Story Dam

A string of prayers

I love the smell of antique stores. The sweet musty scent of time and mystery. Stepping inside the old, ramshackle house I instantly felt that tingle of anticipation. There was a treasure here waiting to find me. Wandering through the crowded rooms of cedar and mahogany furniture, and tapestry covered divans, I ran my fingers… Continue reading A string of prayers