Sock monkey bread

sock monkey ornament

There once was a woolen simian Who loved Christmas toast with cinnamon Slathered in sugar and butter His heart was all aflutter When he ran out of bread, he used a hamburger bun

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A crockpot simmers on the kitchen counter, its lid rattling under the built up pressure of steam, filling the room with the rich aroma of apples, cinnamon and oranges. Mulled cider being the drink of choice while packing Christmas decorations to go back into the attic. Stacks of opaque plastic bins stand at attention in […]

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Happy Holidays

Both of my kids are home for Christmas break, so I didn’t get out much to take photos. There were cookies to bake… Lights to display outside… And, a tree to decorate… There are more cookies to bake and a few more boxes to wrap. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Give thanks, […]

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