Diagnosis – Day 5

I felt oddly detached when delivering the bad news to my mother. My husband offered to make the calls to our parents, but I believed such news should come from me. I kept to the briefest details, avoiding any mention of how scared I was, or anything other than surgery dates. I saw no sense... Continue Reading →

Old friend

Hello, my old friend How long's it been, fifteen years? I'll see you next year My baseline mammogram was done when I was 35. I just lost a close friend to breast cancer who was only a couple of years older than me. She found a lump during a self-exam and put off getting it... Continue Reading →

TMI with a spoonful of sugar

You may remember me mentioning that I'm turning 50 this year. With great age, comes great responsibility. While I'm not quite old enough for AARP, at this advanced phase of my life I am expected to submit participate in a list of various and sundry screenings and tests that in medieval times would be considered... Continue Reading →

A red kimono

Red silk kimono Glass plates stand at the ready The squishing begins Went in for my annual mammogram/ultrasound this week. I've been a client at the same radiology clinic for years. The staff there is wonderful. They use heating pads to warm the glass plates, offer patients silk kimonos to cover up, have warm wet... Continue Reading →

Rest in peace, Maxx

Rest in peace, good and true friend... Last night we said good-bye to a cherished member of our family. Our Maxx, a black Lab, succumbed to lymphoma. She was 15 years old. This was a difficult decision for us to make, but it was also the kindest one. We could no longer allow her to... Continue Reading →

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