100 Word Challenge: Breakfast

She asks if he slept well. He sighs at her, noncommittal on his morning condition. “Would you like some breakfast? Eggs, waffles?” He grimaces. Not from the mention of food, but from having to make a decision. She continues loading dirty dishes, waiting. “Waffles.” Nodding, she begins pulling ingredients out of the cabinets. “Would you […]

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Walk of shame

deco candelabra

The story so far… Quentin, sprawled in the doctor’s king ranch bed, listened to the young nurse hastily gathering her things. Whatever arrangement she had with Dr. Payne was shattered with Quentin’s response to her attempts at intimacy. She whimpered as she picked up her discarded clothing. Any questions were ignored, or dismissed with a […]

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Cheesy Bacon Corn Waffles

These savory bits of corny deliciousness grew out of my son’s near constant nagging requests for me to make fried chicken and waffles. After wearing me down, and me actually eating a platter full of amazing chicken and waffles at a lovely diner in Greensboro, NC, I acquiesced. Inspired by a hunger-induced dream about waffles, […]

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