yellow leaf bokeh background

The farther into this life that I journey, the less in focus my past becomes. I forget the hard edges and garish moments. They fade into a subtle mosaic, a muted backdrop for the splendor of my present, with the hope of my future lighting my way ahead.  

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Blue Christmas

Christmas lights bokeh

Standing at the rime-rimmed window, I search the landscape for any hint of color. Winter has leached all tint from the world, leaving a melancholy world in infinite shades of ash. My hot cup of chamomile keeps my frigid fingers warm. Steam swirls off the tea, fogging the window panes and melting the lacy ice […]

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A part of the whole

Throughout our unfathomable universe, there is no up, no down… there just Is. The curve of the earth, a slice of green among the cold, lifeless rocks circling the same sun, knows no orienting aspect. Held to the surface by the sheer force of gravity, spinning 1,000 miles per hour, we stand perpendicular to our […]

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Trick of the eye

A trick of the eye Fluttering among the trees Be they stars or sprites *I have a long road trip to finish prepping for, so I’m recycling a previously published (updated and edited) ‘ku and photo from 2008 off my now defunct blog, If Mom Says OK. My internet availability will be hit or miss […]

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