A thief’s cut

abandoned catbird nest

The first leaf fell at 7:51 p.m. of the Autumnal Equinox. The brittle, brown-paper scrap fell gracelessly from the dying branches of a gray maple tree, to finally be trapped in the tangle of twigs of an abandoned catbird nest. A cold wind tugged more leaves loose, a portend of the bitter winter to come. […]

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Picture perfect

iron doors of old jail

There were days when Dr. George Gleason wondered who was really running the asylum – the doctors or the inmates. Then there were days like this, when he knew it was the patients’ families who were in charge. The man sitting across the desk from him looked like the typical corporate executive. He wore a […]

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That voice again

It was exactly how it was in the movies. The accident played out in excruciatingly slow motion. From the moment Callie saw the other car rushing at her in her periphery, to the surreal impact, to her car rolling end over end like a giant, metal tumbleweed, it all happened in half time. Witnesses claimed […]

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Web of lies

It’s not poisonous spiders you have to worry about, it’s poisonous people. The insidious way they insinuate themselves into your lives. Injecting their paranoia and fear into your thoughts, casting a pall over your own self confidence until you doubt every thought you have. Just as venomous vermin seduce you with their bright colors and hypnotizing […]

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