Muses’ revenge

down into a stairwell

With hammer and chisel, ancient masters chipped away jagged shards of stone bringing forth images of man and woman so lifelike that had they opened their eyes and breathed it would have been evidence of their holy birth. Arduous and time-consuming, sculpting of old was not an efficacious method of artistic expression. In the modern […]

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burnt palm frond

What came before, “Masterpiece”… With each new conquest, Gabriel Poynter felt more alive. Ironic that her sensation of ecstasy came because of a death. Rasher Castille bid on the Poynter oil because of the intriguing widow of the artist, and because of the swirling rumors about a studio filled with more oil canvases. Predictably, when he […]

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Express yourself

Ahmazing graffiti

Create Words laid out in measured stanzas Swinging and pirouetting lyrics Tall tales of anthropomorphic heroes, mythological villains Love stories bending time and space Create Dancing fingers bringing forth ethereal music Voices raised in joy, sorrow, anger, peace Strings, drums, metal, wood Songs fire the spirit Create Captured moments in the blink of an eye A sunset […]

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monarch butterfly on red milkweed

Art is man’s nature; nature is God’s art” ~ Philip James Bailey On my photo hikes, I’ve seen some amazing things. The flora and fauna of Florida is vibrant and dramatic. The colors and beauty of nature can never be duplicated by man, no matter how talented the artist.

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Monet, monet

Pigments swirl, ripple Impressionist watercolor Nature’s masterpiece * Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL.

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