Return to sender

Return to sender

Stacks of vandalized newspapers were haphazardly strewn around the room in stark contrast to the neatly clipped articles laid out chronologically across the dining room table. Each item reported on a rash of neighborhood thefts. Dubbed the Porch Pirate by the press, Martin Becks was stealing postal packages left on door steps. Random addresses, random [...]

That voice again

It was exactly how it was in the movies. The accident played out in excruciatingly slow motion. From the moment Callie saw the other car rushing at her in her periphery, to the surreal impact, to her car rolling end over end like a giant, metal tumbleweed, it all happened in half time. Witnesses claimed [...]


I can’t say the phone call surprised me. I half expected I would get it one day, but even with that trepidation, it still unnerved me. It started out like any other afternoon telemarketing interruption. I wonder if I could have ended the encounter before it started by simply letting that initial call go straight [...]