Twists and turns, dead-ends and long narrow passages, my calls for help echoing around my head. Lost in a labyrinth not of my making, confused and frightened. No maps, no compass, no sense of direction to help guide me out of the maze. Darkness seeping into each crevice, bending around each turn. Bruised and battered, [...]

Promises, promises

As part of the Shutter Sisters One Word Project, each month features a new word, captured in a photo. For January, my word is "Promise." A word that has so much meaning for me. The promise of a new year, the promise of happiness for my family, the promise of better health, the promise of [...]

A poor reflection

Being dead didn’t bother her, being invisible did. If she was stuck haunting this dreary dump, she should at least have fun doing it. A few scary faces, some ghostly finger wiggling, a bit of phantasmic levitation... something. She had tried a full-voiced concert of wailing and a few eerie wind noises. Nothing. What did [...]


Cracked, but not broken. Spider-webs of glass, silky spirals tenuous and fragile, Weakened, but whole. Each piece a part of the puzzle, linked together Creating beauty out of trauma, art out of drama. Sharp edges a reminder to proceed with caution Over a façade rough to the touch, but needing a gentle hand. Tender still [...]