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Like mother, like daughter

Last weekend my daughter marked a very significant milestone. My mother and her husband made the trip from Tennessee to be with her during this important event. Throughout my entire life, my mom has fussed about her weight. In my childhood memories, I saw her as heavy, when in actuality she was average size. Her… Continue reading Like mother, like daughter

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This weekend my family was in Tallahassee to witness our oldest, our first-born graduate from college. Saturday morning JM and about 1,300 of her classmates were bestowed their degrees in the second of three commencement ceremonies. I was surprised that I maintained composure as well as I did. I choked up during the National Anthem… Continue reading Commencement

Pour Your Heart Out

The word is ‘respect’…

This marks the 15th year I've lived along the Florida Gulf Coast. It is a gorgeous region and I have grown to love my adopted state. But... there are aspects of living here that are not so great. There is the oppressive summer heat and humidity, but that's tempered by mild winters (no snow!). There… Continue reading The word is ‘respect’…

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Racing the moon

Her list of cryptic directions crumpled in his pocket, he followed her ribbon trail into the cornfield, weaving among the stalks. As the satin slipped through his fingers, he realized it was the same she used to piece together their marriage quilt. Dread filled him as he imagined her recent distractions as more than typical… Continue reading Racing the moon