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Transient wishes

Fluttering wishes They come to rest, know not where Blink, they’re forgotten

A peek in the pantry

Laying stores of grain A long winter is coming While grasshoppers dance

Crow’s feet

Creases so dark and deep upon his face They could have been painted on with India ink. He saw more with his one blind eye than Any mortal should suffer. Every twisted line, every crescent scar, a chapter in his long life. A story so wondrous, so grotesque Only God could write it.

Neon billboard

Neon billboards glow Burning love letters across A blue velvet sky

Meager beginnings

From tiny seeds grow Towering evergreen pines Gotta start somewhere

How old would you be

She was a woman of a certain age, an age where she was told how she speaks, how she dresses, how she conducts herself was unbecoming a woman of her maturity. She felt like a pedestrian pedestrian walking through life head down, stumbling through traffic uninspired. The fortune teller’s sign, unnoticed on other trips downtown, ...

The window dark

What lurks in the dark Behind neglected windows A life forsaken

Layers upon layers

New year, new layer Building upon each other Stronger together

Natural numbers

In mathematics, Fibonacci numbers are an integer sequence created when each subsequent number following the first two numbers is the sum of the preceding two: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… These sequences can be seen everywhere in nature - in the kernel pattern of a sunflower, the petal ...