Under a full moon

As long as he could remember, their families had been friends, living near each other, vacationing together, attending the same church and schools. He and their youngest daughter were only months apart in age, and it was a running joke with the adults that they would one day marry. Still, no one was as surprised [...]

Other side of the door

After long days of dirty dishes and smelly laundry, piles of pet hair clinging to every surface and equally frustrating piles of bills, the weekend couldn't arrive fast enough. Before the sun rose on that summer Saturday morning, she was dressed and packed. The night before she filled a cooler with bottled water and Gatorade. [...]

I’d do it again

It was raining. Not a drenching downpour, more of an annoying, unrelenting shower. The parking lot was full, but I was lucky enough to find an empty spot in front of the Radio Shack, next door to the Food Mart. I sat in my car for a while, rummaging through my coupons and hoping for [...]


"She had to know she'd cause a scandal," Ralf paced across the porch, stopping occasionally to peel chips of paint from the dilapidated railing. "The Family couldn't allow it." Hilda, Ralf's common-law wife, was on the porch swing, a bowl of estate jewelry in her lap, meticulously prying gems out of their settings with a [...]