"She had to know she'd cause a scandal," Ralf paced across the porch, stopping occasionally to peel chips of paint from the dilapidated railing. "The Family couldn't allow it." Hilda, Ralf's common-law wife, was on the porch swing, a bowl of estate jewelry in her lap, meticulously prying gems out of their settings with a … Continue reading Blacksheep

In reverse

After the initial determination, I read everything I could find. All that did was to scare me even more. One dire prognosis after another, stripping away every strand of hope from my grasp. Since then, it's been a book you read in reverse, so you understand less as the pages turn. At first, other than … Continue reading In reverse


I woke from the dream disoriented and afraid. Like no other dream I could remember, it was so real and still so surreal. I reached for the pen and notepad I keep at my bedside with the intention of writing down the details before all recollection of the night vision was lost. Only the pad … Continue reading Dreamland