Savory Roasted Chickpeas

seasoned roasted chickpeas

Offered the choice between cake, and chips and salsa, nine times out of ten… I’ll take the chips. I like salty snacks, salty and savory. Since Thanksgiving, I have strayed from my path of eating healthy. (“Strayed” is a generous word. It’s more like I’ve been sucked into a black hole of pure junk food.) […]

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Warmth by chocolate

7 layer cookie bars

When I woke up Monday morning, it was 66°F inside my house. Now, if you live anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, you’re probably playing a tiny, imaginary violin and making,”wah, wha” noises. Sure, make fun of the cold-weather challenged. Typically, it’s not this cold in Florida, this early in the peri-winter season. I’ve gone […]

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Hungry, hungry hippo

hippos at the zoo

I was pondering what to make for dinner tonight, and that led to reminiscing about what we dined on as children. Here I was trying to figure out what to do with some ground turkey, and ended up salivating over the carb laden meals of my childhood. “Back in the day” there wasn’t all this […]

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Pi Day

Three one four, et al A day to celebrate pie Pizza or apple My grandma Jessie could baked the heck out of some pies. Her coconut cream and lemon meringue pies were legendary. The crusts were light and flaky, melt in your mouth goodness. She died in 1997 at 81 years old. I miss her, […]

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Cheesy Bacon Corn Waffles

These savory bits of corny deliciousness grew out of my son’s near constant nagging requests for me to make fried chicken and waffles. After wearing me down, and me actually eating a platter full of amazing chicken and waffles at a lovely diner in Greensboro, NC, I acquiesced. Inspired by a hunger-induced dream about waffles, […]

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Strawberry Cream Cake

There is something about fresh berries that just say, “Summer,” to me. I’m not a canner, so any overabundance of strawberries and blueberries won’t make it into jams or jellies in my kitchen, but I will whip together a cream cake any chance I get. This recipe takes time, mainly for chilling, but it’s well […]

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