Time is a web

What came before: Capt. Poppy Spector After weeks recuperating from her near-fatal shipwreck, Poppy was finding life in an agrarian settlement a welcome change from the rigid routine of space travel. She was healing in body, mind, and spirit. Once she was feeling stronger, Poppy joined the ovine herders. It was the shearing season and […]

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A homecoming

What came before: A Salt Life Poppy was convinced she had finally succumbed to space sickness. Her long, solitary trek and the loss of her entire crew to the perils of harsh planet exploration broke her spirit and snapped her sanity. It was impossible for a standard-argot speaking human to be standing in front of […]

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A salt life

brewing thunderstorm

Capt. Poppy Spector carefully guided her craft toward shore, focusing on finding any kind of shelter from the building storm. After so long adrift, finally nearing solid ground left her shifting between joy and panic. Her legs and arms, the muscles atrophied from disuse, trembled in anticipation. The ship’s hull scraped against the sandy shore, […]

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