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black and white leaves

Holes in your story

More from the Dinner Party... Small stainless steel bowls lined the kitchen counter. Filled with meticulously cut up vegetables, each morsel was uniformly diced into bite-sized pieces. Mr. Stiles was fastidious about his meals. His aversion to outré textures exacerbated his pseudodysphagia. Jasper, his concierge and executive chef, knew his way around both a kitchen ...

rusted metal sink

Sink hole

Blue smoke bubbled out of the Elder Council house chimney to announce they had finally reached a decision. Dashelle paced outside the lodge waiting on their official decree. He was scared. Scared they would find him at fault and he would be forced to leave the sept. Their superstitions could condemn him to a brutal ...

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One letter, one word Piecing together stories Rewrite, try again


Out of the Darkness

Dear Friends, Once again my daughter is participating in the Out of the Darkness Walks for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This year, our local the event is on Nov. 14. She is hoping to raise a minimum of $200. Any help you can offer will be very much appreciated. You can donate through ...

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I usually work well with a deadline. I may push that line, bending it as far as I can, but I rarely break it. That is, until it’s a self-imposed deadline. If I commit myself to something like this month’s NaBloPoMo schedule, or when I participated in past year’s Novel Writing Month - with it’s ...

view from a plane

Frequent flyer

More from the Dinner Party… The hart lingered at the far edge of an expanse of manicured lawn, its head down, front legs spread, shaking its head from side to side in a threat to the two men in the garden to keep their distance. Mr. Stiles walked along the cobblestone path, hands clasped behind ...


Guard dogs

Marble guardians Fair of face, beauty and grace Villainy beware Gargoyles, familiar creatures perched on the eaves of Gothic architecture, are not the evil demons many believe them to be. They are guardians, mystic guard dogs warding off malevolence and bad spirits. Their stoney countenance all the better to strike fear into the black hearts ...

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Party of five

More from the Dinner Party Mr. Stiles was in the rose garden when his concierge Jasper brought the next guest to petition her wish. Standing when they approached, Stiles held a chair for Lily Cash. “I didn’t see George at breakfast this morning.” Lily was demure and painfully shy. “Mr. Vernon had his wish granted, ...


If wishes were caterpillars

More from the Dinner Party An excited murmur swept through the room. George Vernon remained unmoving at the head of the room, trying to stare down their host, Augustine Stiles. House staff moved among the crowd passing out heavy parchment notecards and Meisterstück pens. Stiles’ concierge, Jasper, stood slightly behind his employer’s chair, an empty ...