Armed for battle

under highway bridge

I mentioned to some friends that lately I’ve been feeling out of sorts, and thought maybe my thyroid levels were off. I have Hashimoto’s which means that little butterfly shaped gland in my neck is a slacker, and doesn’t work so well. My regular physicians moved, so I was meeting a new doctor on Tuesday […]

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What goes up

Red ferris wheel

More from the Dinner Party “I’m scared.” “What is there to be scared of?” Ray put his arm around Jillian, drawing her close. “Just look at this view.” “It’s not that,” she said. “The ride will start again soon, they always stop it like this,” he said. “It’s okay.” “No, Ray,” she said. “It’s not […]

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Mind the gap

sunlight filtering through trees

In between what is real and what is a dream That altered state of possibilities and actualities Mind the gap Do not get swept away in the deluge Nor blinded by the flood lights Mind the gap Keep moving forward, upward Don’t stop, don’t turn back Mind the gap When all seems lost, And Peace […]

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Holes in your story

black and white leaves

More from the Dinner Party… Small stainless steel bowls lined the kitchen counter. Filled with meticulously cut up vegetables, each morsel was uniformly diced into bite-sized pieces. Mr. Stiles was fastidious about his meals. His aversion to outré textures exacerbated his pseudodysphagia. Jasper, his concierge and executive chef, knew his way around both a kitchen […]

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Sink hole

rusted metal sink

Blue smoke bubbled out of the Elder Council house chimney to announce they had finally reached a decision. Dashelle paced outside the lodge waiting on their official decree. He was scared. Scared they would find him at fault and he would be forced to leave the sept. Their superstitions could condemn him to a brutal […]

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metal sign letters

One letter, one word Piecing together stories Rewrite, try again

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