The end is near

What has gone before: Goodwood Duxford tales… “While you’ve been here with Grace, the ladies and I have been over at The Magpie,” said Lilith, a newly-deceased resident of Gramberly Cemetery and best friend of Goodwood “Goody” Duxford, cemetery caretaker. “Patsy has quite the library of paranormal reference books.” Goody, Lilith, Frankie (Goody’s girlfriend), Grace (another […]

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Secret weapon

cemetery grief bench

Goodwood Duxford tales… “This all has me so discombobulated.” Goodwood Duxford sat next to Grace Leighton on a small, concrete, grieving bench near her grave site. He was seeking the dearly-departed, Widow Leighton’s help in quashing a wraith uprising. An uprising much like the one that killed Goody’s great-grandfather, Egbert. “How can I help you […]

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Down in flames

flaming flower

Goodwood Duxford tales… Sparks bloomed where his incendiary words dropped to the ground, erupting in tiny bursts of orange, red, and gold, searing a path through the tall grass. Heat trailed after him, a tsunami of shimmering wildfire in his wake. Harlan Beaumont’s nefarious nature, a residual natal nuance, was a family trait that had […]

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Another man’s wife


Goodwood Duxford tales… Goodwood Duxford approached the somber burial crypt with as much anxiety as the first time he went out to wrangle a wayward Gramberly spirit. Knocking on the heavy iron gate, he wasn’t sure if the dearly departed Grace Leighton would answer his entreaty. She had earned her long, peaceful rest. What Goody […]

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To mask the grim

Goodwood Duxford tales… Late into the night, Goodwood Duxford, caretaker and ghost wrangler for Gramberly Cemetery, and Lilith Trotter, Goody’s best friend and recently departed, perused old cemetery records, Duxford family scrapbooks, and internet resources, trying to recover the names of each of the 13 fatalities in the 1954 Gallatin Bros. Circus and Sideshow Fire. […]

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Gambling man

blue iron finial

Goodwood Duxford tales… Foregoing any pretense of calm or daring, Goody and his eclectic group scrambled away from the brick piles, across the open field, racing over the footbridge and back into Gramberly Cemetery proper. Goody closed the rustic gate, setting a binding on it in an attempt to keep the Banished spirits in the […]

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