The chase begins

highway bridge

More of Andrew's story... When Clay Grainger walked out of Woodson State Penitentiary, a gleaming black Escalade with heavily tinted windows was waiting in the parking lot. Grainger carried an orange trash bag, the same bags work inmate crews used when picking up trash along the highway. Filled with what few belongings he managed to … Continue reading The chase begins

Man on a mission

railroad crossing

More of Andrew's story... For nearly two decades, Clay Grainger sat in a tiny 6X9-foot cell, surrounded by bricks and steel - no privacy, no secrets. His neighbors heard every fart, every sob, every nightmare. It wasn’t enough that he hit his worthless attorney where it hurt the most. Killing his women was only the … Continue reading Man on a mission

Shell of a man

metal people sculpture with graffiti

More of Andrew's story... A scruffy grocery delivery man loitered in the hallway, teetering on the brink of passing out at any moment into a drug-induced euphoria. “You are far too good at your job, stop it,” Roni said when she answered the door. “You’re creeping me out.” Mayfield morphed before her eyes. The disheveled … Continue reading Shell of a man

Mind games

pile of skeleton keys

More of Andrew’s story… Unlike her first meeting with Madam Weronika, this time Nori met the self-professed psychic at a local coffee shop. Neutral ground after their last session at Nori’s sister’s kitchen. “Call me Roni,” she said, standing up to shake Nori’s hand. Settling in with her cup, and bag of teenage mementos Weronika asked … Continue reading Mind games