rusted metal sink

Sink hole

Blue smoke bubbled out of the Elder Council house chimney to announce they had finally reached a decision. Dashelle paced outside the lodge waiting on their official decree. He was scared. Scared they would find him at fault and he would be forced to leave the sept. Their superstitions could condemn him to a brutal … Continue reading Sink hole

metal people sculpture with graffiti

Shell of a man

More of Andrew’s story… A scruffy grocery delivery man loitered in the hallway, teetering on the brink of passing out at any moment into a drug-induced euphoria. “You are far too good at your job, stop it,” Roni said when she answered the door. “You’re creeping me out.” Mayfield morphed before her eyes. The disheveled … Continue reading Shell of a man

Freedom Bell at Oak Ridge, TN

Secret history

When I was very young, my family lived in Oak Ridge. Located near Knoxville, in the foothills of East Tennessee, the rural burg was the epitome of small town America. The area, still rolling farmland then, was also very good at hiding an international secret. That is unless you knew its history.  Oak Ridge was the national … Continue reading Secret history

headstone father


“We called him Father, never a childish diminutive like Dad or Daddy. One of the newbies once called him, ‘Pop,’ by accident. Maybe it was a dim memory from his ‘before,’ but Father’s lesson taught him that informal nomenclature was a sign of disrespect, and would be appropriately punished. “It followed that we were each … Continue reading Father