Closing time

Her latest tattoo spelled out, “CAUTION: CONTENTS HOT.” The tight, single line of black block capitals positioned just above the crack of her ass was underlined by the crimson lace thong peeking over her jeans’ waistband. If there was any justice, instead of the self-aggrandizement of her callipygian figure, the tat would serve as a […]

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Sink hole

Blue smoke bubbled out of the Elder Council house chimney to announce they had finally reached a decision. Dashelle paced outside the lodge waiting on their official decree. He was scared. Scared they would find him at fault and he would be forced to leave the sept. Their superstitions could condemn him to a brutal […]

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In full bloom

For the past several weeks, a close friend has been joining me on my morning jaunts. We power walk for about an hour and a half, burning up the sidewalks around my neighborhood. During those 90 minutes, we talk about our lives, our kids, and our relationships. We vent to each other about various vexations […]

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