Dani, the explorer

When last we left our hero, little Dani had ventured into that mystical region called, “Master Bedroom,” and she saw that it was good.

Last week Mister and I introduced Dani to the rest of the house. We hadn’t intentionally limited where she could go, she simply hadn’t wanted to leave the comfort of her little, known world. Until last week, she stayed mainly to the living room, only briefly going into the kitchen for water, and outside.

Since her first foray into new territory, Dani has become a little more adventurous. Now, she roams down the hallway, lingers in the foyer and kitchen doorway, and explores the Master bedroom at her leisure.

She hops up on the bed with me while I’m reading. She starts out at the foot of the bed, taking up as little space as she can, then gradually scoots closer until she’s lying alongside me. Of course, she now sleeps on our bed. Her fluffy, dog bed has been relegated to daytime use only.

We’ve also discovered that Dani snores, or rather snorts, making little piggy noises. It’s adorable.

She has a shiny new collar and blinged-out ID tag, and a spiffy pink harness should she ever graduate to taking walks around the neighborhood. That milestone is still a long way out.

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