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A view from the top

Previously: "Paisley, rosemary, and time." The view from the top of the wheel was dizzying. Boris would go to the pier to ride the Ferris Wheel when he needed time to think. When he first arrived in the city, he made friends with Robbie, the ride operator. Boris would slip the carny a $50 and… Continue reading A view from the top

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Yellow blooms Vying with the sun Illuminent Ebullient Sway tranquilly aside an Azure waterway Cool breezes Whisper through the trees Lyrical Beguiling Too sacred for moral ears To assimilate Dark water Rimes unfurl slowly Gracefully Melodic Sweet as honey on my tongue Invigorating Fern fairies Damsels and dragons Pirouette A wee dance Flittering from reed… Continue reading Mindful

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Satisfaction guaranteed

Often when I go for a photo hike, I have no particular intent. I’m not seeking any specific wildlife or native flora. I take pictures of things I think are interesting or pretty. Sometimes, once I get home and can scrutinize each photo in detail, I find surprises. Things that I missed on first snap,… Continue reading Satisfaction guaranteed

100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: Water

I’m not going to get very fancy for this week’s prompt. We sprung a major water leak over the weekend in a line that runs under our driveway. Finding a local contractor who can do the job has not been easy. Basically, we’ve been without running water since Saturday. A contractor was finally able to… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Water

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Sign of the times

“There’s was an actual bear sighted around here.” Jacque and her mother Jolene were folding clothes while watching a mid-day news report about dumpsters at local businesses being vandalized, and the extensive damage being blamed on displaced black bears. To date, however; that theory had not been proven. “Where’d ya hear that?” Jolene held the… Continue reading Sign of the times