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Grampa butterfly

Huge tangles of black and orange hung in the trees, quivering with anticipation. Each butterfly’s beat of rice-paper thin mosaic wings, stirred the air, wafting perfume from it flowery perch. Mesmerized, Jorja sat beneath a kaleidoscope of butterflies, watching as a single monarch flitted from the rabble to settle on another swarm. Her mother, Laurie,… Continue reading Grampa butterfly

100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: Future

In the late 50s, 60s and 70s, we had some really cool stuff. My generation was the first to have boom boxes and Pop Rocks, roller blades, Sony Walkman, Pong and Star Wars. I can remember with great clarity where I was when Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon. We had the original Boy… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Future

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Lady in waiting

It’s always something with her - “get me this,” “bring me that,” “go here,” “go there,” “is my dress pretty?” Her tea was too cold, her bed furs too hot. She wants her hair in a braid, she wants it pulled up into blasphemous cornettes. She should have been shorn of her golden tresses just… Continue reading Lady in waiting

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Tough as nails

Bent framing nails cluttered her desk. Victoria kept her attention on them, trying not to stare at the man across from her who dropped them there. He was familiar. The estranged husband of one of her clients, she dubbed him, The Tyrant. When Van Donovan made an appointment to talk with her, Victoria told her… Continue reading Tough as nails