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Cold Harbor

Vast dunes of fine, powder snow dot the shore. A blinding sun shines, and a brisk wind blows in from the ocean. Held in a perpetual winter, temperatures in Espen Strande never rise high enough to melt off the continually amassing ice crystals. Divers are hired specifically to keep the harbor from icing over. Protected… Continue reading Cold Harbor

sword shaped shadow
100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: Magic

You know the legend of King Arthur, right? In T.H. White’s “Once and Future King,” Arthur - or Wart - accompanied Sir Kay, his foster-brother, to a jousting tournament. Wart was serving as a lowly squire to his brother when Kay sends him to find his forgotten sword. What Wart found instead was the magical, mythical “Sword in… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Magic