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Like a stone

It was Thursday night, and the men were in the den drinking Irish beer from frosted mugs, and once again they were held hostage by the vociferous Wendell Chapel. This evening he held sway over a conversation about the latest generation of smartphones, yet another topic he was a self-proclaimed expert in. The women were in the living room… Continue reading Like a stone

100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: Hungry

I enjoying cooking for my family, but don’t always make a full dinner. What with the menfolk having such diverse work schedules, many nights there isn’t a full contingency for a meal. When they are both home, I try to prepare something homemade. Whenever I try a new recipe, I always ask later if it’s good… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Hungry

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Beyond the wall

The snow this close to the edge should be hip deep, instead, the temperatures were almost Spring-like. The expedition team wore only light trekking gear. If Col. Jerrod had not made the command order, team seismologist Pater Robie would be in flip-flops and not his required arctic boots. “I can hear rushing water.” Daisy Kendall,… Continue reading Beyond the wall

100 Word Challenge

Another lifetime together

They share a love of film noir thrillers, nestled together on the couch on rainy Sundays beneath a warm fleece blanket. Some days there isn't any need for words, it is enough to just lie curled up side by side. They have a history together. The first time they met, a mutual friend introduced them. In… Continue reading Another lifetime together