Month: December 2016

ochre seashell in water

Endless waves

Treasures buried deep Year after year discovered Endless waves persist

Unconditional love

She wants to be good, she just doesn’t know how. All the love in the world can’t erase those fierce years living on the street, scrounging for food and shelter. Any human contact was some harsh voice telling her she wasn’t welcome or worse, the pain of a hand on her tired and weak body. Even ...

teddy bear draped in Mardi Gras beads

100 Word Challenge: Sorry

This time next week, 2017 will be underway and New Year Resolutions will already be broken. I stopped making Resolutions a long time ago. They became reasons to feel bad about myself when, for whatever reason - good or bad - I couldn’t fulfill my promises. Instead of making a list of things I wanted ...

train car graffiti

Pedestrian train

Stan enjoyed calling his transient life of riding the rails pedestrian. That a seemingly dirt-poor, nomad had a GRE vocabulary, and a finely honed sense of irony, was irreconcilable for many people he met. He often tagged trains he frequented with a modern version of hobo hieroglyphics from the turn of the 20th century. Stan’s ...

sandy path through sago palms

Path ahead

Wending path ahead What mysteries lie in wait Around the corner

seagull wading along the shore

Old man in the sea

Retired businessman and Florida snowbird, Oscar, was too enthralled by the bikini-clad coeds winter sunbathing on the beach to notice the tide was coming in, that was until he realized his shoes and socks were wet.

phrenology training mannequin

The measure of a man

Claudine preferred her men bald. She even seduced a few admirers to shave their heads. “Why run your fingers through his hair when stroking his naked scalp is much more sensual,” she’d coo. In reality, her cranial petting was more explorative than erotic. As a practitioner of the defunct medical field of phrenology, she was ...