Up a tree

“Whaddya think?”

She stood back, scrutinizing the wall. Freshly painted with crown molding accents, it was the final touch on their new house. There was still something wrong.

“You don’t like it?” He sounded defeated, especially after all his hard work.

“It’s not that,” she said, tilting her head to study the wall from a different perspective. “It is beautiful.”

“What then?” He slapped his palm with the black, nitrile gloves he had been wearing.

“I’ve always told you, I’m low maintenance,” she began.

“This is too much?” He sighed.

“You know my dream house would be in a tree.”

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4 thoughts on “Up a tree

    1. That is a show here called “Treehouse Master,” and it’s about a man in Washington state who builds these elaborate treehouses. Think $100K+. If I had the money and the property, I would have a treehouse sanctuary built for me.


  1. I know my own dream house would definitely be in a tree too! A big one, with large sprawling rope bridges, fairy lights dangling off the branches… kudos to the dedicated husband (and congratulations to a very lucky wife!)

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